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Highest rated Murphy Bed retailer in the UK

Wall Bed King is the most trusted and highly rated retailer of safe, high quality and space saving murphy beds, or wall beds, in the UK. These versatile folding beds, allow any room to be converted in to a comfortable sleeping area and then put away easily and neatly afterwards to maximise space.

Classic range

The high quality and popular Classic Wall Bed King bed frames. Our steel bed frames provide the highest level of safety and are securely attached to the wall or floor.

Classic Small Single

Vertical Wall Bed

76cm x 190cm

£899 GBP £599 GBP
Free Shipping

  • 2ft 6in x 6ft 3in
  • Frame width : 86cm
  • Height when folded up : 205cm
  • Projection when folded up : 41cm
  • Projection when folded down : 218cm
  • Maximum mattress depth : 30cm
Lifetime warranty
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Vertical Classic Wall Bed
Classic Wall Bed
Vertical Classic Wall Bed
Classic Wall Bed

The Wall Bed King Studio Range

Stylish, minimalist and hidden even without a cabinet. These bed frames are uniquely fitted with stylish panels on the underside to ensure seamless and tidy camouflage in your room. For those who want a compact, clean modern solution.

Studio Single

Vertical Wall Bed

90cm x 190cm

£1,499 £1,099
Free Shipping

  • 3ft x 6ft 3in
  • Frame width : 102cm
  • Height when folded up : 206cm
  • Projection when folded up : 41cm
  • Projection when folded down : 221cm
  • Maximum mattress depth : 30cm

"I bought the Studio Bed, the service and the bed are perfect. Very good value for money, solves my space issues and it also looks great." - Paul M

"Absolutely brilliant. Very happy with the Studio Bed. Thank you for everything. I will tell all my friends about your company." - Roxanne

"One of the best choices I've made. Bought a double studio style bed with the luxury mattress and it is wonderful." - Alison Pritchard

"The Studio Bed has been in constant use for some time now. The bed works excellently, with smooth operation and clean lines." - DaddyP

"I got the small double Studio version and it's perfect for what we wanted. It's really tidy and frees up so much space in the spare bedroom." - Steve Pearson

"The Studio bed is perfect for a small space as there is no need for extra room to accommodate the wardrobe-like frame." - Shuang Li

"We ordered the vertical studio double with the Wall Bed King supreme double mattress. Solid but easy to operate with the piston system." - Mish Jack

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Lifetime warranty
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Vertical Studio Wall Bed
Studio Bed
Vertical Classic Wall Bed
Studio Bed

The Classic+ Package

Our Classic wall bed with corresponding cabinet, the cabinet ensures that you have a perfect hidden bed with enough room to store your Classic wall bed mechanism. This package is an investment for your home ensuring you have a perfect space saving solution.


Vertical Classic + Cabinet

90cm x 190cm

£1,908 GBP £1,198 GBP
Free Shipping

  • 3ft x 6ft 3in
  • Frame width : 99cm
  • Height when folded up : 205cm
  • Projection when folded up : 41cm
  • Projection when folded down : 218cm
  • Maximum mattress depth : 30cm
  • H215cm x W115cm x D52cm
  • Doors: 170 degrees opening
  • Material: Melamine-faced furniture board (MFC)
  • Warranty: 1 year for manufacturing defects
  • Flat-packed for easy assembly

"I have now been using the 3 beds constantly for the past year and the cabinets have been fantastic, the frames are solid as a rock and the pistons look like they will last a lifetime." - Natalie

"Bought this wallbed for a studio flat a couple of years ago, it's in constant use and is absolutely excellent, the cabinet gives a really nice finish. Much easier and more comfortable to use than a sofa bed." - Reenie Manzor

"We bought a double wall Bed and the cabinet and it was wonderful experience, we are very Happy. Very easy to build up and so easy to use." - Dina Rodrigues

"The YouTube videos on how to build and fix the bed and cabinet to the wall are brilliant. The frame is well made and so easy to pull down and push up." - Rita H

"When folded you would never even know it was a wall bed, it's a very compact cabinet that I would like to have in every room eventually." - Katie France

"We are super impressed with our new wall bed and fitted cabinet. Customer service was fantastic and very helpful." - Steven Plunkett

"I bought the classic wall bed with cabinet. It is used regularly and is a dream to use. Fantastic design, sturdy, great communication with regards to delivery and was easy to install." - Sarah

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Vertical Classic Bed Plus Cabinet
Classic Wall Bed Package
Vertical Classic Wall Bed
Classic Wall Bed Package
One of the gas pistons on a Wall Bed King bed frame

German engineering

Rather than use spring mechanisms that are subject to deterioration and require maintenance, we use only a gas piston mechanism designed and made in Germany to the most rigorous specifications on all our bed frames. The pistons not only allow for a very smooth, silent, finger-light transition when raising and lowering the beds, but are also extremely durable and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Our meticulous testing has revealed that gas pistons will remain in excellent condition even after hundreds of thousands of compressions and retractions.

Heavy duty, heat treated beech bed slats

Perfectly supports all mattress types, while providing perfect air circulation. Can be used with all types of pocket sprung, coil sprung, foam, gel, or latex mattresses, regardless of weight.

Automatic folding leg

On the Classic Range the leg is automatically folded out, and held securely while the bed is in the sleeping position. For the Studio Range the legs are manually taken out before folding down to the sleeping position and manually tucked in neatly when the bed is put in the upright position as seen in our Studio Bed assembly video.

Plastic floor protector cap

Keeps your floor pristine and scratch free, even after many years of use.

Mattress holder bracket and strap

The mattress stays on the bed with all of your bedding, including duvets and pillows. It only takes 5 seconds to prepare your bed; unexpected guests can have a comfortable bed ready for them in a matter of seconds.

12 fixing brackets

6 on the floor, and 6 on the wall side. The mechanism can be fitted to either the floor, or wall - no need to use both. This versatility means you can install these mechanisms in every environment - if you have under floor heating for example, the bed can be fixed to the wall. This also means the bed is not connected to or dependent on the surrounding furniture, as a furniture panel could weaken with time - the safest structure to connect your bed to is your house. It also means you can install and uninstall the bed as many times as you want.

Flat-packed design

A choice of flat-packed design or solid, welded mechanism. The flat packed is guaranteed to go through any tight corridor or narrow staircase, and can be shipped worldwide. The connections are tight, and after an easy installation it is the same, solid mechanism as our welded together option. However, in the UK mainland you can choose (free of charge) the welded option - it saves you some time during installation, but can be a bit more difficult to carry upstairs through narrow corners (of course our delivery team will be happy to do this for you). We can also ship the welded version abroad, but this can be considerably more expensive than the flat packed one.

Fast, easy installation in an hour

A printed and clear set of instructions as well as a step-by-step, easy to understand, assembly video provided. Do It Yourself, or call a local handyman. If you’re handy with some basic tools, you can install our beds and cabinets in around an hour each.

Slim profile

All Studio and Classic beds have a 41cm projection from the wall when folded up, preserving as much valuable space as possible in the sleekest manner.

No restriction on mattress types or weight

Any existing mattress can be used, up to 12” depth (can be increased by installing further from wall). For your convenience, you can also buy a suitable mattress from us, and it will arrive along with your wall bed.

Reinforced middle support bars

To ensure maximum safety and weight capacity, there is a huge 350kg or 55 stone weight limit.

13 different sizes

To ensure maximum variety and versatility for your intended space, we offer a huge variety of 13 sizes in either horizontally or vertically folding options. You can select the most appropriate and convenient size, ensuring that the space is neatly maximised. We can also provide mattresses, if needed, for the non-standard sizes.

Assembly videos

A series of useful videos to help you assemble your Classic or Studio wall bed by Wall Bed King.

Troubleshooting and more information

Some useful videos to clarify queries and questions about our unique bed mechanisms.

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Lesley Lewsey, TrustPilot


"What an excellent company, I’m so impressed at the time and help we have had from them. The bed is perfect just what we needed, we would recommend this Murphy bed and this company, thank you so very much."

David Pugsley, TrustPilot


"Thoroughly recommend this product and this company. We have bought two beds in the two flats we've owned. Very easy to pull up or down, neatly stored away in a simple wardrobe."

Sarah, TrustPilot


"Best buy I’ve made for a long time. Great bed, great service and perfect bed for a spare room. I now have a room that I can use but still offer a comfortable bed to guests. Such a great idea."



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