Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our frequently asked questions section for answers to any additional questions.


What payment methods do you accept?

Wall Bed King accepts all the major credit and debit cards as well as Paypal. All card payments made through our site are handled by PayPal and World Pay; the most secure and trusted online payment gateways.

What is your refund policy?

For any issues or queries regarding returns, please speak to our friendly and helpful customer service department who can assist you. All our products are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason during that time period you wish to return your items, we will issue a full refund upon receiving them, minus any delivery charges. Please note that the items should be in good, saleable condition and wall beds should not have been used or installed – although any missing packaging is not a problem.

How secure are my personal details?

At Wall Bed King we take online security very seriously and consider protecting our customer’s information a top priority. Payments are processed using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) - this prevents you from inadvertently revealing any personal information – and we always use the maximum strength encryption to process payments for all orders. You can verify this by looking out for the green padlock in the web address bar.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Our products are covered by a 30-day refund guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, please let us know and we will refund the purchase price. Please refer to our returns policy and contact our friendly customer service department if you have any further queries.


What shipping options are available?

We offer several delivery options from a free economy delivery to an express option with delivery between 2 - 5 days. We also offer collection in person – you can collect your goods directly from our warehouse in Harlow CM20 2HU, north of London. For more details please visit our delivery details page.

How long does delivery take?

We usually have all sizes in stock, and can dispatch straight away. We have 3 delivery options to choose from; Economy (2 - 4 weeks delivery time), Standard (1 - 2 weeks delivery time) and Express (2 - 5 working days delivery time).


Can I use my standard size mattress?

Yes! If you have a standard bed and are upgrading to one of our wall beds, you can use your existing standard mattress, just remember to order the right corresponding wall bed frame. Alternatively you can order one of our carefully engineered Wall Bed King Mattresses.

Do these beds come with a mattress?

The wall beds come with everything required to assemble the bed frame mechanism and do not include mattresses. You may opt to add one of our high quality and specially tailored mattresses with your order, or alternatively use your existing mattress, but be sure to measure it carefully before ordering to ensure that it will fit on your new wall bed.


Does my bed need to be fixed to a wall?

Your wall bed will need to be fixed to a wall, the floor, or both. You can easily install the wall bed yourself on any type of floor or wall, strong enough to hold the frame in place. Unlike with other systems, with our beds you have the flexibility of having your bed attached to the wall, the floor or both.

How do I assemble the bed?

The process of assembling and installing your wall bed has been designed to be as clear and user friendly as possible and we provide a simple, instructional video to aid you in the process.


Are wall beds designed for every night use?

Absolutely! These beds are not only space-saving but they provide the highest degree of comfort. Unlike sofa beds for example, their comfort level is determined by the mattress you choose to use, and can therefore be just as comfortable as any standard bed.

Can I leave bedding on the bed when not in use?

Yes! Our wall beds are designed to be used with the sheets and blankets remaining on, just like a standard bed. You do not need to remove bedding when closing the wall beds.

How long does it take to open and close the beds?

It takes a few seconds! They can be opened and closed with minimal effort and therefore suitable for everyone, regardless of physical fitness, you can see a quick demonstration of our wallbeds on our Wall Bed King Youtube Channel.

How easy are they to raise and lower?

The bed frames require minimal effort, thanks to our gas piston technology and can be raised and lowered extremely easily. The carefully engineered pistons make the frame super lightweight and enable the raising and lowering possible with only one finger.

Can I take the wall bed when I move?

A wall bed can be considered an investment for your home. Not only will you increase the amount of space in the room, but you will also be able to take the bed frame and cabinet with you if you move. Alternatively, you could sell it yourself for a price similar to the affordable purchase price you paid.

What wall bed sizes do you stock?

We have standard sized single, double, small double and king wall beds. We have now added even more styles and sizes to our range and have horizontal wall beds available and ready to be dispatched, do look at our full range of wall bed frames for more detailed size specifications.

Can I remove the bed once installed?

Absolutely! The kits must be fixed to a solid floor, a solid wall or both and you can also attach the frame to any wall studs, giving total flexibility when installing the kit. However you can unscrew the frame, reposition it in another room if necessary or take it with you when moving home.

Do you manufacture these beds?

Yes we do! We are not distributors or middlemen. Wall Bed King manufactures these kits in Europe to the very highest standards, whilst still ensuring that you receive the very best price and customer support. We are the leading wall bed manufacturer in Europe and this is clearly reflected in our consistent 5 star reviews.

For peace of mind

Is there a money back guarantee?

30 days money back guarantee: Our wallbeds are covered by a 30 days refund guarantee. If you are not happy, for any reason, with your purchase, please let us know, and we will refund the purchase price. Please note: the refund guarantee only applies to wallbeds, the delivery charges are not refundable. The wallbed should not have been installed or used, and should be in saleable condition. Missing packaging is not a problem. For further information on returns, contact us.

Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a lifetime warranty on all bed frames. Unlike many competitors who only offer a standard 1-year, 5-year or even 10- year warranty, we are so confident of the quality of our wall bed mechanisms that we have implemented the unprecedented policy of offering a lifetime warranty. Wall Bed King is proud of the top quality and exceptional care in the development of our products and this allows us to give more in terms of costumer support and care.

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Michael Colquhoun, Google


"I had this bed installed into a custom recess with power and shelving to the sides - opening the double doors the bed pops out fully made up and ready to use - it's a bedroom in an integrated cupboard! Works perfectly in a studio flat. Wall Bed King have excellent customer service, delivery and telephone support."

Nd Wayman, Google


"I love my Wall bed King bed. So comfortable and gives us so much more room when we don't need it. Friendly efficient service. 5 Star product. Would definitely recommend."

Margaret Mansfield, Google


"The bed mechanism is very easy to operate, and takes only seconds. The bed is concealed in the built-in cupboard during the day so we can still use our dining room without anyone needing to know that it is there."

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime Warranty

From January 2019, all our Studio and Classic range beds come with a lifetime warranty, which means that we will replace any component of the bed if it malfunctions - for your complete peace of mind.

Delivery van

Free Delivery

We offer free economy delivery on all items. However we can also arrange fast, express delivery within 5 working days at an additional cost. Please see the options during the checkout process.

WBK mattress

Use Any Mattress

You can use any mattress up to 12” thick on all our beds, so you could pair it up with your favourite brand of mattress or you could opt for our especially designed and developed WBK Mattress Range.

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