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Case Studies

A look into how Wall Bed King beds have made a difference for our trade customers, see how maximising space can improve business.

Quality wall beds

Metropolitan Housing Association

Delphine Chandler, Care and Support Manager

Several months on from her purchase of one double wall bed from Wallbeding.co.uk, Delphine Chandler is still smiling at how well things worked out for her and her clients. A Care and Support Manager with the 140-unit strong Metropolitan Housing Association, Delphine needed to find a ‘temporary bed’ for a lounge area in one of the supported living complexes in England that her company manages.

The nature of her service – which specialises in helping individuals with learning disabilities and other similar health conditions - means that often she can often be asked to find a bed for someone at extremely short notice. In this particular case the only solution was to erect one in a communal area which could be used overnight then ‘tidied away’ the following morning. A folding wall bed was the obvious answer.

“We needed to find some sleeping space but because it was in a communal area, we definitely didn’t want to have the bed lying there permanently,” she said. “The minute we found Wallbedking.co.uk we knew we had the answer to our dilemma.

Delphine said she and her team had done quite a bit of research because, being publicly-funded, they were obliged to find the most reasonable, quality bed. “We looked at other sites selling similar products and were a bit stunned to find that the same product varied in price from £600 or so all the way up to £3000,” she added. “And it wasn’t a quality issue since the Wallbedking double bed was one of the most affordably-priced we could find. We’re actually delighted with the quality and, more importantly, so is the individual who is using it! It really is perfect for what we need.”

If it had been the quality of the bed alone Delphine would have rated it 5 out of 5. What really put the icing on the cake for her though was the fact that she didn’t have to wait long for it to be delivered (another consideration due to the emergency nature of the situation).

“I was delighted to see the bed delivered on time,” she said. “Not only that but the whole process of ordering and payment was extremely smooth and easy-to-understand. We also liked the fact that VAT was already included in the price sincethis made the admin side of things a lot easier for us too.”

Delphine added that she would have no hesitation ordering more beds from wallbedking.co.uk in the future. “Save yourself time searching the internet. I’d recommend this company to anyone thinking of purchasing a folding bed,” she added. “In fact, ask my friends and colleagues and you’ll find I already have.”

30 days money back guarantee

B&H Properties

Joel Snitzer, Director

A successful property developer in the City of London, entrepreneur Joel Snitzer – not surprisingly – has never has the wool pulled over his eyes. Because, when it comes to getting the best price and quality for an item, he knows his stuff.

When he came to Wallbedking.co.uk for instance, Joel was looking for a total of 52 wall beds for a new development he and his team were creating in the capital. He wanted both quality and a decent price. Naturally he got both.

“This was an important new development for us and I wasn’t looking for any old wall beds,” he said. “The rental apartments we were building were of an extremely high standard and the beds, naturally, had to reflect that. They also had to be in keeping with their surroundings in that the development contained modern, new apartments. The bed had to fit right in with that style aesthetic.

Joel said that after checking the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of the beds, as well as the build quality, he was confident that the Wallbedking products were manufactured to an extremely high standard.

“They were easy to install and worked beautifully once we saw them in situ,” he said.“In fact, they’re quite brilliant. Having a folding bed in an apartment means space isn’t an issue. Those living in the apartments also have the choice to have the bed down continually or to put it up and convert the bedroom into another facility during the day, such as an office or playroom for children. Having a folding bed really is the perfect solution for a smaller apartment – especially a one-bedroom home. “Really, it’s not as if having a folding bed is any less comfortable that a stand-alone either. We’ve never had any complaints about sleepless nights with a wallbed that we’ve put in. It’s just never been an issue and we don’t envisage it being either.”

Joel said he was particularly impressed with the five year guarantee that Wallbedking.co.uk offered him. “Obviously purchasing so many beds in one go can prove pretty nerve-wracking without some sort of promise of durability and quality to fall back on should anything go wrong. The length of this guarantee was certainly satisfying and, in the long run, it gave me absolute piece of mind,” he said. “And the price too, was pretty exceptional. Overall you can say I’m a very happy man with my purchases from WallBedKing”

Lifetime warranty for peace of mind

Riverside Shepherd Huts

Jane Richmond, Co-owner

Jane Richmond co-runs a company which designs and manufactures high-spec Shepherd Huts. These huts aren’t just used for shepherds having a break from tending their sheep of course. No, these days the huts are more likely to be a sweet holiday cottage, an office/art room or even a spare dressing room and bedroom (Jane’s customer in the South of France ordered the latter).

As you’d imagine, the huts don’t have acres of space in them. They’re compact and so the furniture has to be cleverly-designed and well-proportioned in turn. And this is where wall beds come in. The fact the beds can be erected into the wall to create more space during the day time makes the huts feel as if they’re twice as large thanthey actually are. Then there’s the fact that once folded away the beds aren’t ‘littering’ up the room. Guests also love the temporary nature of the beds since it fits in with the whole ‘getting away from it theme’ ie not many individuals have a wall bed in their own home.

So far this year Jane has ordered six wall beds from wallbedking.co.uk and there’s another five customers have asked for them to be installed in their own Shepherd’s Hut. “The wall beds are incredibly popular,” said Jane. “And it’s not difficult to see why. They’re just such a brilliant space saving device and yet they’re so functional as well.” As you’d expect Jane researched wall beds online but once she’d seen the prices on Wallbedking.co.uk – as well as the quality of the build and materials – she ordered straight away. “We’re selling a quality product, our huts are something that are going to last a lifetime so the beds had to be similarly durable and of high quality. They also had to be economical for us to buy in the first place. These fitted the bill on both accounts.”Jane was also impressed by the speed of the service.

“The beds were delivered to us within a couple of days and on one occasion we received it the next day, which was fantastic,” she said. “It means that in turn, we can deliver quicker to our clients.”

Despite setting up business right in the middle of the recession, Riverside Shepherd Huts are going from strength to strength. “We sold one hut in the first six months of business,” said Jane, “but once word started to get round things picked up quickly. We’ve now sold around 77 huts and orders are coming in all the time. And that’s exactly why we need a supplier like Wallbedking.co.uk that we can rely on.”

Girl holding up a tablet with Wall Bed King Reviews

Stoneham Construction Ltd

David Harris, Property Developer

With land at a premium, accessing a large enough patch for a property development can prove extremely difficult these days – especially when the area you’re buying the land on happens to be an island. And that was precisely the case with our customer, David Harris, a property developer on the Isle of Wight and trading under the name of Stoneham Construction Ltd.

David was keen for his company to provide commodious social housing for rent for families living on the island. As a result he was looking at building accommodation with two bedrooms rather than one. The difficulty was the units in the building he was converting had one large and airy room, rather than two.

Undeterred however, David saw his opportunity in the form of wall beds. As an experienced developer with several award-winning projects already under his belt he realised the solution was to insert an acoustic participation between the two rooms and for wall beds to be fitted in both adjoining rooms. This way he was guaranteed to maximise the existing space in each room while at the same time, come up with quality sleeping accommodation for the occupants. Our wall beds were the ideal solution as far as he was concerned.

“Investing in quality wall beds was the obvious answer to this very tricky dilemma we were faced with,” he said. “I’ve been working in the property development industry long enough to know what will work and what will turn out to be an unmitigated disaster. For this particular project I’d already decided that quality wall beds at an affordable price, was the only solution if we wanted to provide a quality product without going over budget and one which would appeal to all parties – crucially, the tenants.”

As a result of his decision David contacted us here at Wallbedking.co.uk and invested in 10 double beds on behalf of the company, Stoneham Construction Ltd. The beds would all be used for the new build housing units his company were building on the Isle of Wight.

David was pleased to find that not only did the Wallbedking.co.uk beds arrive on time, but they were also of an impressive quality and were simple enough to assemble and install. Importantly, they were also easy for the prospective tenants to use.

“The double beds were everything we wanted,” he added. “Really, I couldn’t have asked for better. Price-wise they were excellent, they arrived when we told they would and they work beautifully in the rooms.

“We’ve actually fitted them into a wardrobe and it’s painted a neutral colour – the same as the room – so they are completely unobtrusive and actually add to the aesthetics of the room.”

David assures us that for his next space-saving project he’ll definitely be returning to Wallbedking.co.uk as a repeat customer. Personally we’re delighted and can’t think of any higher standard of praise. We’re sure his tenants will be equally satisfied with their new beds and spacious accommodation.

One of our modern studio beds in a modern apartment

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Unit

Dan Moss, Station Commander

As Station Commander at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue it’s Dan Moss’s job to see that his officers have the type of accommodation suitable to allow them to do what is undoubtedly a stressful job, and on a day to day basis.

Because the station on Lincoln’s South Park Avenue provides a service to residents around the clock his officers are required to be provided with sleeping accommodation. However, sleeping and socialising in the same area can prove problematic – unless, of course, the space can be used to maximum capacity. And which is where our wall beds provide the perfect solution.

Dan said: “Having a bed that folds up and allows the team space to sit around in during the day when waiting for a call, was a bit of a no-brainer really as far as I was concerned. “Comfort was essential too, of course, and so we were looking for a quality product and one that, because we’re funded by the public so to speak, was best value for the public purse too.”

After undertaking an amount of research on the web Dan decided that our beds were the most affordable while also seemingly providing him with the quality he was looking for.

As a result around 16 months ago Dan ordered the five single beds he’d painstakingly sourced from us. He was delighted to find that they arrived next day and his team set to work assembling them.

“One of the beds actually arrived with a piece missing and we contacted the company right away,” he said. “It wasn’t a problem though – either for us or Wallbedking.co.uk. The company apologised and said they would get the missing piece to us as soon as possible. Sure enough, the next day it arrived and we had the bed up and working for the guys that very evening.”

Dan said he has received no complaints about the quality of the sleeping arrangements from his crew – quite the opposite in fact. “They love the fact that when they need to sleep they simply pull down a bed from the wall and can rest in comfort. It certainly beats sitting around on a sofa like we did in the old days,” he said.

In fact Dan was so pleased with what he’d received in terms of quality and price that he ordered another five single beds from us around a year later. However financial constraints for the crew mean those beds are currently on hold. Not for ever though – Dan is insistent that, once finances improve, he’ll come back and order those beds from us here at Wallbedking.co.uk. He’ll then finish what he set out to do – install further sleeping accommodation for his men.

“I would really love us to be able to get the additional five beds,” he said. “They’re pretty essential for us and it’s just nice to know that what we’ll be getting is something that’s not just fit for purpose and comes at a very affordable price.”

Caroline Andrews, Google


"Well worthwhile investing in a Wall Bed King - it has changed the way we live; it is solid and the mattresses are the best."

Tracey Kent, Google


"Quick delivery, easy to build, helpful company, I would recommend this company to friends, family or anyone reading this review."

Christoph Sicking, Google


"Nice solid construction. We are very pleased with our wall bed. The paper instructions were clear, and the video instructions equally helpful."

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