Reclaim the space with Wall Bed King

These beds are a truly revolutionary way to save space in your home or office whilst offering a level of comfort that cannot be matched by any other space saving furniture. Whether they are for your own use at home, or you have friends and family staying over, these wall beds are compact, comfortable and easy to fold away.

Wall Bed King Classic Range

The Classic Range

Our original product, the classic range propelled Wall Bed King into the limelight with its precision engineered, robust frames that people all over the world are raving about.

Wall Bed King Studio Range

The Studio Range

A natural evolution from our best-selling product, the Studio Range was developed by our team to be used without a cabinet whilst still looking slick and modern in any space.

Wall Bed King Classic Cabinet Range

WBK Cabinets

The WBK Cabinets have been specially developed to house all of the wall beds in the Classic Range for maximum convenience and storage options for any Classic wall bed.

A selection of frames from the Classic Wall Bed Range

Classic Range Wall Beds

Our Classic Range offers you unrivalled quality, a solid metal frame designed to withstand many years of continuous use, along with a unique and effortless lifting and lowering system provided by our gas piston technology. Built in Europe and adhering to rigorous safety standards, our Classic Range ensures that you are buying the very best wall bed on the market.

Built for everyday use

Our beds have been developed by a team of leading engineers to ensure that they are sufficiently strong, safe and durable to be used every single day. We are so confident of our product that we offer a lifetime warranty on all bed frames purchased through our website.

Studio Range Wall Beds

The Studio Wall Bed Range is our latest product, specifically designed and engineered to be fitted without the need to have an additional cabinet for a perfect modern clean look. The Studio Range is built upon the classic model with additional high quality panels for a phenomenal finish.

A bed from the Studio Wall Bed Range in a modern room
A Classic Wall Bed in a Classic Cabinet in a modern apartment

The Classic Range Cabinets

For Classic Range wall bed owners, we have manufactured simple yet stylish cabinets for your Classic Wall Bed Kit. These cabinets come in a range of colours are made from durable materials and are designed to house your wall bed perfectly. Ideal for bedrooms and other spaces where additional storage may come in handy. Classic Range cabinets come flat-packed so can be moved and built even in the tightest of spaces.

Rest, sleep and relaxation

Considering that the average human being spends about a third of their lifetime sleeping we believe that having the very best bed should be a top priority. That is why we have developed the most durable, most comfortable beds that allow you to turn any space into a place of rest, sleep and relaxation in an instant.

The WBK Mattress Range is here!

Wall Bed King cares about giving you a perfect night’s sleep and that is why we came up with our very own mattress range. Although any mattress can be used on our wall bed systems we just don’t want you to have any mattress, we want you to have the very best sleeping experience!

The WBK Mattress Range

Feather Light

All our beds are lifted by our unique gas piston technology which ensures that all beds are feather light to operate.

30 days trial

30 Days Trial

Absolutely all products from the Wall Bed King website come with a complete 30 days money back guarantee.

For everyday use

Everyday Use

Designed for everyday use so you can get the comfort of a conventional bed using only a fraction of the space!

Christopher Pettite, Google


"I am very glad I chose Wall Bed King. The bed frame is well made and has flexibility for installing into a non-standard wall mounting which is a good feature. The assembly instructions were good. The build quality is good. The Supreme type mattress I chose is just right for sleeping comfort. I would recommend Wall Bed King to other prospective customers for price, delivery and quality of service."

Catherine O'Connor, Google


"We bought the Classic double bed with two wall cupboards to use in what was to be the guest room, which we also wanted to use as a playroom and study. The product has been the answer to our prayers. it is easily opened and closed, taking very little effort. When folded against the wall the appearance is of wall to wall cupboards which is aesthetically very pleasing. The product is sturdy and of high quality and installed like clockwork. I would heartily endorse this product to anyone looking for a dual function room."

Iain Donald, Google


"The bed we bought is fantastic, we have a small room and it fits away perfectly. You can use your own mattress. We are really pleased with this product and would definitely recommend Wall Bed King."

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