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Why Use Piston-Operated Murphy Beds Rather Than Spring-Operated Murphy Beds?

When the first Murphy beds were created in the early 1900s, they featured a spring system. At the time, these spring systems were the only way to counterbalance the bed so that it would not fall down when it was supposed to be stored upright. Nowadays, we have other options. Wall Bed King uses piston mechanisms instead of springs with even the most price-conscious wall beds. Here’s why:


Wall Bed King’s number one concern with every product they offer is safety. No one wants to bring furniture into their home if they’re not sure it will be safe for their family.

The Sims video game franchise offers Murphy beds as an option, but there is a percent chance of the Murphy beds falling down on the sims. This depiction comes from the reputation that spring-operated Murphy beds have. Spring-operated systems can suffer metal fatigue and, after a while, can fail. That’s why, if you’re purchasing a spring-operated Murphy-bed, you’ll rarely find more than a one-year warranty on your product. Gas pistons, on the other hand, are not subject to failure and remain safe for your home and family years after installation, which is why Wall Bed King can offer a lifetime warranty on all parts of every wall bed.


Test a spring-operated wall bed and a piston-operated wall bed out side by side, and you’ll notice an instant change in the levels of quality. Piston-operated wall beds raises and lowers smoothly with minimal effort from the user. Additionally, the pistons act as a speed control device, so you won’t accidentally slam the wall bed down on yourself as you’re lowering it.

Piston-operated systems are also sturdily made, allowing users to use any mattress up to 12” regardless of weight. This means that the Murphy beds from Wall Bed King can be used for everyday sleeping, not just for once-in-a-while guest usage.


There’s little worse than the sound of springs creaking and groaning. The sound, like something out of a horror movie, can make raising or lowering a spring-operated Murphy bed a hair-raising experience. Wall Bed King creates their products in a noise-conscious fashion. Gas pistons are quieter than springs, ensuring that using your Murphy bed is no trial.

Spring-operated Murphy beds still exist today based on the lower material price. However, if your family doesn’t want to make compromises on safety or functionality, piston-operated spring beds are the only viable option. No high-end Murphy bed manufacturer would feel comfortable putting springs on their Murphy beds because it’s clearly an outdated practice, and Wall Bed King is no exception to this rule.

We use gas pistons on all our wall beds

During research and development of our wall beds in the 1990's we tested both piston and spring mechanisms, and we found that the only advantage metal springs offer is the price - but we didn't compromise on quality or safety. The piston system not only maintains a smooth transition when raising and lowering the bed that requires only minimal effort from the user to move it, it also acts as a speed control device. This is why you will find this durable, reliable commercial-grade mechanism in nearly all high-end furniture. Gas pistons are maintenance free and not subject to metal fatigue or catastrophic failure - don't need adjustment after installation - and you can use any mattress up to 12" regardless of it's weight. Our first beds were installed over 15 years ago in Germany, and we've never had to replace a piston mechanism.

The other alternative counter-balancing device you can still find on earlier designs is a metal spring system. Usually these are cheaper, however, some aren't made for everyday use, and you only get a very short warranty on the bed frame - just ask before you buy.

Springs expand, contract and fatigue with age, and may need adjustment or replacement years after installation. Replacement springs can be cheap, but difficult to replace. On some models these springs are located underneath the bed frame, only few inches below your head - any failure can be catastrophic.

This is why we would never use the bulky, outdated metal spring in our beds, and this is how we can offer a 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and a lifetime warranty on ALL PARTS of EVERY wall bed frame.

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